School Culture
In addition to its rigorous academic program, BWS emphasizes religious education and community service. Our students attend regular chapel services, giving them the spiritual foundation needed to meet life’s challenges, and giving the school an opportunity to reinforce lessons in character education.

Our students also engage in meaningful service at an early age. In addition to being an essential component of spiritual formation and civic engagement, recent research indicates that actively serving others can:

    * Increase students' personal, interpersonal, and social development
    * Increase motivation, student engagement, and school attendance
    * Lead to new perspectives and more "positive lifestyle choices and behavior" (Civic Literacy Project 2005)

We recognize that education does not take place in a vacuum. A student’s ability to focus and learn is impacted by obstacles and challenges he may face outside the classroom. As such, we work in close partnership with families and a wide range of established community agencies to ensure that each student has access to the health, social and integrated community-based support services necessary to facilitate their academic and social development.

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