Enhanced Family Engagement

We are developing a number of ways to respond to our families' challenges with distance learning. Those responses will include an enhancement to our engagement with families. While we will start the year in September with the following commitments, we will look for opportunities to further expand and deepen how we connect with and support families.

Structured Family Engagement

  • Regular check-ins with families and students by BWS staff
  • Support for Parent Ambassador leadership within the parent body

Parent Education Opportunities

  • Student academic support workshops for parents
  • Student social-emotional support workshops for parents

Continued Support for Food Security and Other Needs

  • We will continue to access community resources and be a distribution resource for food
  • We will continue to seek out ways to be supportive to families with other material needs

Student Mindfulness Practices

  • We will engage the virtual space to introduce mindfulness practices into the home
Parents, if your family has a need, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the BWS admin team!