Our Plan: Creating a Space Where Boys Can Thrive

Currently, the Bishop Walker School serves boys in Kindergarten through sixth grade. As our student body grows so does our need for appropriate facilities where our boys can develop as students and as citizens. Our children deserve a physical environment that reinforces the tremendous value we place on their education.

Artist's rendering of the Bishop Walker School's new campus at THEARCWe envision a school that is alive with vibrant color, natural light, green spaces, and inspiring, yet functional, design elements that support the learning process. Our new facility at THEARC will affirm the limitless potential of our students in an environment that welcomes the full participation of our students’ families and the broader community.

The Securing Their Future Campaign seeks to raise $6.5 million for the Bishop Walker School. Our Campaign has three over-arching goals:


Today, our upper grades are housed in a temporary location in an apartment building. This temporary facility provides basic spaces for instruction, but it is not a school. Our boys deserve a vibrant leaning environment that helps them to soar. In addition, as out student body grows, space at the temporary location will son run out.

Now, we have a truly remarkable opportunity to add much needed space on the campus of THEARC, at a much lower cost than building a new stand-alone facility. Artist's rendering of THEARC West

THEARC is located at 1901 Mississippi Avenue, Southeast, and was created in 2005 to provide access to high quality educational, health, cultural, recreation, and service programs that would contribute to the revitalization of Southeast Washington. THEARC is presently home to eleven of DC;s most respected nonprofits, including Washington School for Girls, Levine Music, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, the Washington Ballet, and Children’s National Medical Center.

THEARC is constructing a new state-of-the-art building that will include 31,000 square feet of space for the Bishop Walker School. In addition, our boys will have access to a playground, a regulation-size gym, a 365-seat theater, and THEARC’s other nonprofit programs, which will include a health care clinic, dance, music, and visual arts, gardens, and an art gallery.

THEARC will own the building and the Bishop Walker School will occupy the space under a long-term lease agreement. The new school facility will be constructed to the school’s specifications and therefore customized for our boys’ education needs. The school must raise the funds for our proportional share of the building and furnishings.

We simply cannot afford to pass up this amazing opportunity to create a permanent home for our school at a fraction of the actual cost. In order to raise the $3.85 million needed to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity, we are seeking financial investments from donors who value the impact of our work on our students and the larger community.


Our primary school campus, located at the renovated Church of the Holy Communion on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, is filled with laughter and learning every day of the school year. Boys as young as five years old begin their school journey here, and discover the joys of learning.

An image of the Holy Communion campus of the Bishop Walker SchoolWith ample, light-filled classroom spaces, and always bustling auditorium/cafeteria, and a well-used playground, our Holy Communion campus provides a cozy and nurturing home for our youngest students.

The Securing Their Future campaign will dedicate $1.65 million to completing payment for the renovations of the Holy Communion site. As a young, tuition-free school without an endowment or operating reserves, the budget has not allowed for retiring the debt associated with early construction costs. By retiring the debt, the school will have greater financial security and flexibility as we continue our mission to put boys on the path to brighter futures.


In today’s world, every well-managed nonprofit organization and independent school recognizes the importance of having reserve funds. Building a strong reserve fund for demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that the Bishop Walker School can educate and inspire boys for years to come. The Bishop Walker School Chaplain talking to two Bishop Walker School students while holding a squirrel puppet

We are seeking support from people who care about children to establish $1 million operating reserve. These funds will allow the school to respond nimbly to opportunities as they arise, more fully develop our educational resources, and be prepared for unexpected needs in the future.