2020 Annual Dinner Underwriters & Sponsors

Event Underwriters (as of March 11, 2020)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Florance, Lighting
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hansen, Catering
Mr. Michael K. Kellogg and Dr. Lucy Pugh, Catering
Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, Parking
Michael Rankin, TTR Sotheby's,
Save the Dates and Invitations
Washington National Cathedral, Event Venue 


Betty and Wes Foster Family Foundation
Christ Church, Georgetown
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Johnston III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hansen
The James M. Johnston Trust for Charitable & Educational Purposes
Mr. Michael K. Kellogg and Dr. Lucy Pugh
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Pinkard
Ms. Elise Rabekoff and Mr. Christopher D. Gladstone
Mr. Michael Rankin and Mr. Mark Green
Robert and Maureen Sievers Family Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Thorne
Wang Joint Living Trust
Mrs. Ann W. Wang

Full-Year Student Sponsorship
The Ahn Family Foundation
Mr. David D. Aufhauser and Ms. Jane T. Dana
A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation
Mr. Andrew Clarke and Mr. Martin Sherrill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Florance
Fort Lincoln Newtown Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Gerry
Mr. Peter G. Gerry
The Hon. C. Boyden Gray
Greater Washington Community Foundation
The Rev. Canon Michele Hagans
Mr. Thomas Heggans Jr. and Ms. Yvonne Bauduin
Mr. and Mrs. Davidi Jonas 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Lee
Mrs. Virginia Mars
Mr. C. Raymond Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis S. McLoughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Parker
Porter Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Amelie Porter Stroh
St. Alban's Church
St. Albans School
St. John's Church Lafayette Square
St. Paul's, Rock Creek
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Symes III
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Van Roijen
Mr. John Van Voorhis and Ms. Susan M. Davies 
Washington Winter Show
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Woodcock

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Barnett
Carr Community Foundation
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Smith III
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Webb

Half-Year Student Sponsorship
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burck
Mrs. Betsy Holleman Burke and Mr. Barlow Burke
Dr. Carolyn Buser
Lizzie and Michael Cantacuzene
Mr. and Mrs E. Leon Carter
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Catto
Kristina and William Catto Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Dorfman
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gambal
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Glass
Ms. Katherine Gold
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Leonard L. Hamlin Sr.
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Preston B. Hannibal
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jaeckel
Ms. Betsy Scott Kleeblatt
The Honorable Eugene A. Ludwig and Dr. Carol Ludwig
The Ludwig Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Guyman Martin III
Mr. and Mrs. Middleton A. Martin
Mrs. Robert McLean III
Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Murphy
Rose Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Sidamon-Eristoff
St. Columba's Episcopal Church
St. Paul's, K Street
Mrs. Cordelia Bacher Sweetland
Verizon Foundation
Walker & Dunlop
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Whelihan

Ms. Anne Aufhauser
Dr. Frank S. Black
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bou
Mr. Calvert S. Bowie and Mr. Alex Orfinger
Mr. Robert Broeksmit and Ms. Susan G. Bollendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Brown
The Children's Charities Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark
Mr. and Mrs. David Deutsch
Mrs. Elizabeth Walker Edgeworth
Mrs. Norman Farquhar
Mr. Samuel S. Glass and Ms. Elizabeth Polsky
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Griffen
Jockey Hollow Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Horning Jr.
Yewande J. Johnson
Ms. Barbara Kahlow
Mr. Jason Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Molster III
Mr. James Mullikin and Mrs. Elizabeth Mullikin
Mr. Kevin J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hewitt Pate
The Pate Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Mr. David Palmer
The Phase Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Sobota
Ms. C. Fairley Spillman
Mr. Gordon Stillings
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Three Crowns LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Youngkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Zients

Mr. Kenn Allen and Ms. Maureen Shea
Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Blake Bath
Bishop Walker School Auxiliary Council
Mrs. Amanda and David Bowker
Mr. and Mrs. Brooke Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Coughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Davidoff
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Fels
Dr. Vittorio Gallo
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Garland
Mrs. Sanford Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Hedges
Mr. Matthew Heller and Ms. Susan Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kapani
The Rev. Elizabeth Keeler and Mr. Michael Keeler
The Reverend Canon and Mrs. Stuart A.
Mr. Michael Marriott and Mr. Juan Sanchez
Mr. A. Richard Metzger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Moravec
The Hon. and Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Nottingham
Mary Margaret and Scott Plumridge
RBC Wealth Management
Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tagliabue
Dr. Robert W. Woolfolk and Dr. Jane G. Schubert
Ms. Caroline D. Worthy

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