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A Message to the BWS Community 

September 7th, 2021


Dear BWS Village,


Momentum is defined as the “driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.” Going back to the summer of 2020, BWS has been purposefully building momentum towards progress so that this school year will not be defined by the pandemic. We will define this year by the resilient effort of our teachers, parents, and scholars. We will define this year by being resourceful in the face of challenges.


We will stay vigilant in facing the ongoing challenge of COVID-19 and its variants. You could think of our COVID-19 safety protocols as a kind of defensive driving—exercising caution to avoid trouble—and think of the school’s approach to COVID mitigation as a caravan of defensive drivers protecting ourselves and each other. Though driving comes with risk, we can’t let fear stop us from getting where we are going. Here are the rules of the road ahead:

  • Social Distancing is like keeping your lane distance – this is very important to safely moving forward. We will work to reduce the chance of transmission by keeping everyone spaced.

  • Masking is like wearing a seat belt – if we are ever in a situation in which we have to be near each other, our mask is our most important protection.

  • COVID-19 Testing is like a safety check point – though it can be annoying, a safety check-point helps us all be sure that everyone is safely present.

  • Vaccines are like insurance—though it doesn’t prevent an accident, insurance helps to ensure that an accident won’t do too much damage to your bank account. In a similar way, the vaccine helps to protect people from the worst impacts of COVID-19.


These are important steps to take as we continue our mission to give each BWS scholar opportunities to grow academically and personally this year. Here are four steps of progress we are striving for this fall:

  1. This September, BWS launches its second strategic planning process to map out the next three to five years of our ongoing journey to make BWS a sustainable example of excellent education.

  2. By the middle of fall, we should receive word of the official vote on our visiting committee’s recommendation for our full accreditation with Middle States Association after two years of effort to study ourselves and map out a plan for academic and institutional growth.

  3. By December, BWS should begin to see some progress in our scholars’ academic and social recovery from 2020 due to our increased investment of time and resources in instruction, family engagement, social-emotional learning, and co-curricular learning.

  4. By the time we welcome the year 2022, we will have developed plans and processes—driving forces—that map out the course to more and more progress. We will build even more momentum.


Families, supporters, teachers, staff, and administrators, we will have a strong year because of the strength we find in ourselves and in each other. As we continue to build momentum towards progress, I hope and pray that you feel love around you and hope inside of you. Together, we will make sure all our scholars know that they have success ahead of them.




Michael O. Molina

Head of School

from Mike Molina, Head of School