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Why Give?

Bishop John Walker believed that education is the door to opportunity. By giving to the Bishop Walker School for Boys, you will open doors for a boy that could positively impact his life and the prospects for his family for generations to come.

Resources of our donor community and THEARC allow us to launch our students towards greater opportunity. Your donation is an investment in the lives of these boys, whose futures deserve to reach their fullest potential.

Investing in Empowerment

We teach each and every one of our students that they have the potential to make a difference––not just in their own neighborhoods, but far beyond. Your investment supports their dreams and talents, enabling them to envision their power to change communities everywhere for the better.

Investing in Academic Excellence

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student performance and well-being increases the imperative for our work. We are responding to the academic and social gaps that have emerged as a result of distance learning. Your gift will ensure that our scholars come out of the pandemic stronger than ever by helping to expand our investments in instructional excellence, family engagement, and summer enrichment.

Your gift is an opportunity to…

  • Invest in a bright future for boys of color

  • Develop Master Teachers who teach boys of color 

  • Create access to educational opportunity for our students now and in the future

  • Invest in communities that have been historically undervalued and underserved  

  • Ensure the sustainability of our mission

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