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Arts & Athletics

In the pursuit of educating the whole child, our visual/performing arts and physical education curriculum exposes our students to different forms of self-expression.

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is learned through:

  • Singing, movement, and games

  • Evensong Service

  • Christmas and Black History Month programs

  • Family and Friends celebration

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is learned through:

  • Projects in drawing, painting, collages, and sculpting

  • Focus on color, lines, shapes, patterns, and dimensions

  • Exposure to a variety of artistic techniques and materials

  • Student artwork displayed throughout the school

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MOVEMENT/ATHLETICS is learned through:

  • Activities and games involving running, skipping, throwing, catching

  • Exercise and play with scooters, parachutes, hula hoops, bean bags

  • Noncompetitive games teach lessons in good sportsmanship and cooperative play

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