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Outplacement & Alumni Support


The Office of Outplacement at the Bishop Walker School for Boys provides support and assists young men and families in the Middle School Admission process. Its central aim is to find the appropriate educational match to ensure the continued academic, social, emotional and spiritual success of young men.


The office assists with:

- Applications 

- Managing test requirements 

- Preparing students for school visits and interviews

The Director of Outplacement is a liaison between families and the middle school admission directors and advocates on their behalf until decisions are made. 

Graduate Support 

The office of Graduate Support provides support to the young men and families who have graduated from the Bishop Walker School for Boys. Its aim is to ensure the continued academic, social, emotional and spiritual success of young men, once they have graduated BWS and to help families navigate through the middle, high school and college process. The office tracks alumni progress by asking guidance counselors or advisors at schools to complete surveys about the academic performance and social adjustment of BWS alumni.


Outplacement Timeline 

April- May

October- December

  • Attend school event 

  • Complete checklist 

  • Schedule outplacement interview 

  • Visit, interview, shadowing 

  • December 1: Deadline for recommendation request 

June- August

August- October

  • Visit schools 

  • Make selections (3-5 schools)

  • Review interview questions 

  • Set up Ravenna account 

  • Visit, interview, shadowing 

  • Practice interview skills at home 


Our earliest BWS graduates are now young men out in the world exhibiting strength and confidence founded on an exceptional early education. 

Click Here for information on our upcoming alumni events

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Brian Harris

Director of Graduate and Outplacement Support


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