The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is a tuition-free Episcopal school for children from traditionally underserved communities. Ours is a Christian community of learners that welcomes boys of all faiths and beliefs. The School nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social-emotional, artistic, and physical development of its students. Working in close partnership with students and families, the School strives to create an environment where each boy is challenged to reach his full academic potential and receives the structured support necessary to develop his unique gifts. The Bishop Walker School seeks to foster a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, a spiritual foundation, and the moral character that each boy will need as a student, a citizen, and a child of God.


The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys works to alter the educational and social trajectories of children from traditionally underserved communities and prepares them for leadership and service both inside their communities and beyond.

Philosophy and Values


School Prayer

Grant O Lord,
That in all the joys of life,
We may never forget to be kind.
Help us to be unselfish in friendship,
Thoughtful of those less happy than ourselves,
And eager to bear the burdens of others;
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen