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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why a school for boys?
    While boys can excel in many types of educational environments, schools for boys focus with intention on the unique ways they learn and how to develop them into young men of character. The Bishop Walker School provides targeted instruction and support to help boys get the most out of their education and to succeed in life.
  • Is the Bishop Walker School a charter school? Is it a religious school?
    BWS is not a charter school. It is a private school administered by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. We receive no public funding and are accountable to the Diocese and members of the BWS community. BWS is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, the Urban Alliance of Episcopal Schools, the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal Schools Association, and the International Boys Schools Coalition. As an Episcopal institution, BWS does hold regular chapel and religion classes. The Bishop Walker School shares the Christian values and high academic standards that are the trademarks of Episcopal schools nationwide. BWS is careful not to substitute religious indoctrination for education. Instead, the central tenets of the Christian faith are lived out and affirmed daily.
  • What is the average class size?
    We have a maximum of 16 students in each class, with a lead teacher and assistant teacher in each classroom.
  • What schools do BWS graduates attend?
    St. Albans School St. Andrew’s Episcopal School* St. Anselm’s Abbey School Barrie School Cardigan Mountain School Digital Pioneers Academy* St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy Gwyn Park Middle School* Holy Family School Holy Trinity School Howard University Middle School of Mathematics & Science Landon School Matthew Henson Middle School Meridian Public Charter School Milton Hershey School* St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School St. Thomas More Catholic Academy* Sandy Springs Friends School School Without Walls Public Charter School* Washington Episcopal School Washington Global Public Charter School Washington Jesuit Academy* *Schools attended by members of the class of 2020
  • Is there a similar school for girls in the DC area?
    If you are looking for a high-quality, faith-based education for your daughter, please consider our sister school the Washington School for Girls.
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