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Why Give?

Bishop John Walker believed that education is the door to opportunity. By giving to the Bishop Walker School for Boys, you will open doors for a boy that could positively impact his life and the prospects for his family for generations to come.



To provide professional development for all BWS faculty and staff, our state of the art facilities, and to fund the technology necessary for complete and quality instruction.


To incorporate new and diverse educational opportunities that our boys would not otherwise have, which involves finding the right independent, public, or charter school for each graduate that best serves their individual needs.


Your gifts allow us to provide:

  • Extended school days to give parents more time for work.

  • Growing partnerships to create bridges between the east and west of the Anacostia River.

  • Parent engagement programming to offer academic, social, emotional, and spiritual support. Graduate support services extending into middle schools and beyond.


One day, hopefully, a school like BWS won't be necessary. Until then, a culture of philanthropy will sustain the school's values, ensuring that an opportunity like BWS can exist for and continue to serve boys and their families living east of the Anacostia River.



Our students live in communities where more than half of all males will not graduate from high school. By providing a first-rate education to boys in their early years, the Bishop Walker School desires to change this outcome. In offering extended hours 11 months a year, BWS students receive the high-quality academic and spiritual foundations they need to succeed in school and in life.

As a tuition-free institution, the Bishop Walker School is funded through the generosity of the philanthropic community, with little to no cost to families. Our funding comes from individuals, parishes, foundations, and corporations. There are numerous ways to get involved and support the school's mission, from making a gift to volunteering.

In June 2006, just as the Episcopal Diocese of Washington was deliberating on the founding of BWS, The Washington Post published a series of articles on the plight of African-American men and boys, reaffirming the school’s founding committee and the Diocese’s decision to start a tuition-free school for boys living east of the Anacostia River. Nearly a decade and half later, black men and boys still face the same issues as evidenced by the recent civil rights movement of 2020. INSERT NEWER ARTICLE HERE.

In the underserved communities in Southeast Washington, DC, resources and support systems are limited. We teach each and every one of our students that they have the potential to make a difference––not just in their own neighborhoods, but far beyond. Your donation is an investment in the lives of our students, whose futures deserve to reach their fullest potential. Their lives are important. Their futures are important. Their ability to envision success and put their dreams and talents into practice can change communities everywhere for the better.

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