About Mike Molina


With nearly twenty years of professional experience as an educator, education advocate, and non-profit leader in diverse environments, Michael earned a J.D. from Yale Law School after receiving his B.A. in English from Xavier University of Louisiana. Michael comes to BWS after heading a wrap-around student support program for boys of color at Gilman School in Baltimore. Prior to Gilman, Michael helped launch a language immersion public charter school and directed education programs for an organization serving U.N. designated refugees. As an advocate for youth development, then as a national and tri-national (Canada, U.S., and Mexico) advocate for education, Michael won a competitive fellowship to design a program of holistic family support for youth from New Orleans displaced to Atlanta as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Michael has taught at the middle, secondary, post-secondary, and graduate levels in English, African American History, Urban Studies, and Creative Writing. Michael lives with Jessy, his wife, and their two children Maya and Miles.

Mr. Molina's educational Philosophy is rooted in these core beliefs:

  • "I believe the children are the future. Teach the well and let them lead the way." -George Benson

  • I believe our students can develop into independent, resilient, confident life-long learners.

  • I believe our teachers can achieve professional excellence and personal fulfillment in their work.

  • I believe our school must be a vibrant and inclusive environment so that students and teachers engage in a thriving garden of ideas, perspectives, backgrounds.

  • I believe our school’s sustainability and organizational focus are the foundation of this work.

  • Sustaining a warm, safe, dynamic, and thriving learning environment is paramount.


​We will stay vigilant in facing the ongoing challenge of COVID-19 and its variants. You could think of our COVID-19 safety protocols as a kind of defensive driving—exercising caution to avoid trouble—and think of the school’s approach to COVID mitigation as a caravan of defensive drivers protecting ourselves and each other. Though driving comes with risk, we can’t let fear stop us from getting where we are going.


Mike Molina

Head of School

Momentum is defined as the 'driving force gained

by the development of a process or course of events.' Going back to the summer of 2020, BWS has been purposefully building momentum towards progress so that this school year will not be defined by the pandemic. We will define this year by the resilient effort of our teachers, parents, and scholars. We will define this year by being resourceful in the face of challenges.